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Welcome to Chef Shrimpy's store

Free Shripping within the USA

Chef Shrimpy's Jerk Cafe serves delicious Jamaican Jerk Style Caribbean food daily in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The Jerk Cafe is like a Jamaican oasis where Chef Shrimpy creates his own famous Jamaican Jerked Chicken and Jerked Pork dishes using his own secret combination of traditional Jamaican spices and special grilling techniques every day.

The result is amazingly tender, spicy and sweet Jamaican Jerked Chicken and Jamaican Jerked Pork dishes served with rice and fresh vegetables and of course seasoned with Chef Shrimpy's Jerk Sauce.

The Jerk Cafe isn't some fancy place where you have to get all dressed up to eat there. Just come as you are! You can enjoy our friendly Jamaican hospitality and Cape Cod casualness while dining on our deliciously Jamaican food in a laid back atmosphere.

Chef Shrimpy says, "Its all about the food Mon!" ... So come on down to Chef Shrimpy's little Jamaican Style Jerk Cafe where you can eat in or take out his mouth watering, Jamaican food creations to your home or office.

Chef Shrmpy on Shark Tank

It is a vacation in every bite

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Real Jamaican Jerk Cuisine on Olde Cape Cod

Chef Shrimpy's original Jamaican Jerk Sauce is legendary! His customer's crave it and they keep coming back to The Jerk Cafe in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod to enjoy and savor it over and over. Many of Chef Shrimpy's Jerk Cafe Customers have become big fans of Chef Shrimpy's Jerk Sauce. So many Jerk Cafe customers have asked if they could take some of his Jerk Sauce home that Chef Shrimpy decided to bottle it and offer it on-line. You can order Chef Shrimpy's Real Jamaican Jerk Sauce right here and enjoy it wherever you are . . . whenever you crave it... ANYTIME!

Chef Shrimpy
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